oh my word, what an incredible dream.I had last night where did it start?! right. I was skydiving, and I’d just landed in a field somewhere, and was trying to work out how to get back to the skydiving centre but…somehow…was I captured by the enemy? there was some kind of a war on as it turned out but the next thing I knew I was at some kind of emergency camp that had been set up (it was on our side) with lots of other survivors and everyone seemed relieved to see that I was OK mum was there, and so were some girls from salsa and Nathan too I think everyone was a bit bored there, but I was happy, because it was a chance to just do nothing but so this settlement was at the top of some kind of a large hill and at some point we got word that there was going to be a raiding party so the gates to the passageway at the bottom of the hill were going to be shut but (and this is where it starts getting strange) the shaman insisted that they stay open there was also a flood rising, and she thought she could control the water up the passageway in the hill, then release it to drown the raiding party she did - bringing the water up and up through this winding passageway on the hill, then just as it was about to reach the settlement, she let it go and it rushed back down (while also staying in place - she was talking about “recursive currents” - so the water was still just outside the settlement) and so it was a big success then fast forward some years the settlement had been developed into possibly the capital city; the water was still there, but it has been made a feature there was beautiful architecture, reminiscent of depictions of Atlantis or something like that and technology had been redeveloped (the settlement previously was more like mediaeval) me and a couple of friends were in charge of…watching out for the enemy? the war was apparently ongoing so we rushed outside and started to look and just as we did we saw a helicopter glance over and drop a submarine into the water, before whisking off again we ran back inside, to the “king” of the city and tried to convince him of what we’d seen but the other two were wildly exaggerating and it was clear they didn’t believe us but at some point one of the king’s advisors realised we might be serious but told us, “You want to help? Then get out of here!” it seems they already knew of the attack somehow and were making plans to deal with it if turned out they already had contingency measures in place (this is where it gets really really weird) when the settlement was first formed, they had hidden the young in an underground set of passageways in the mountain/hill to train who had been there ever sincd and for a few seconds there was a scene of this like, a scene of the actual young being lead into a cave but it turned out what this actually meant was…a pelican had been training apples to swim. the next scene was this fluffy pelican briefing the apples (who had legs and arms, and…were apparently in various states of mushiness, some being closer to applesauce?) the apples were all lined up in baking trays, and the pelican was briefing them on their manoeuvres: they had to wiggle left and right, then back and forth we were way up high, above the water and we had to throw these swimming apples down into the water (I think the idea was that if the enemy had submarines they might be obscured by the apples, or maybe that the submarine would lay bombs which the apples would accidentally swim into, clearing the bombs for our ships?) so we threw all the apples down and we could see them, bright and red, swimming around in the water below and we could see a couple of places where the apples had evidently swum into a bomb or something because there were these big pretty red poofs of smoke on the water’s surface …at some point I was back down below again and Anastasia was there, showing me a photo she’d taken of something it was a brown splotch on the pavement she asked me, “homemade applesauce?” and I said, “yup!”, apparently quite proud just before I woke up I was mulling over what the purpose of the apple soldiers were. was it to clear bombs after all? but then, we were sending them on a suicide mission! what if they were conscious enough to realise what we were doing to them? might they not turn against us, and side with the enemy? I mean, they’re only apples, but we’d made rather a lot of them. a horde of apple soldiers could be dangerous then I woke up and realised WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT